Custom Knife Order



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Chef 210mm - Redwood Burl


Water buffalo horn bolster, mosaic pins

[SOLD @ charity auction over $1,500 listing]

Chef 210mm - Redwood Burl


360 Brass bolster, silver brazed, with custom etched blade for restaurant chef/owner. [SOLD]

Hankotsu (Japanese butcher knives) [SOLD]


Redwood Burl and Tiger Maple with 360 Brass bolsters. Traditional Japanese butchering design for hanging pork/beef sides. Commissioned by Michelin chef for his/her SF restaurant chef couple.

Santoku 170mm - Green 'Lignum Vitae' [$850* - SOLD]


Custom-made for a collector. Unusual, very dense wood with a natural green cast my wife brought back from a shop in Tokyo. Buffalo horn bolster and contrasting mosaic pins. Custom ho-no-ki wood saya with ebony pin, abalone inset. NOTE: I still have some of the wood, enough for 1 or 2 more knives - contact me if interested.  *Saya not included; wood was priced separately.

Small Chef/Utility (130mm) Redwood Burl - $450


Perfect for when a chef's knife is too big and a paring knife is too small (sometimes called a "grandma's knife". You'll find it's what you'll actually grab a lot of the time as your "go-to"....