About me - and my knives

I've been a cook ever since I can remember - I still have the cookbook my mother gave my for my 7th birthday - and my grandfather gave me a love for craft and woodworking. Years ago in a cooking magazine I read about a self-taught knifemaker and my wife ordered me one of his knives (it's worth a lot now!). When I decided to move on from a career as a tech executive, he was my inspiration. And just as he said: I didn't set out to become a knifemaker - I just wanted to make myself a knife. Yet here I am.

I use only high-carbon steel - not stainless, which I heat-treat in a digitally-controlled furnace to a hardness above that of a typical Western chef knife, and sharpen at a steeper angle. This results in a knife that's significantly sharper and holds an edge longer. (Like anything high-performance, obviously, it also requires a little more care.)

I'm often asked "why a custom knife? and why the cost?" I guess I ask why there are tailor-made suits, or hand-wound Swiss watches, or paintings rather than prints. 

Every step of the process, from raw sheets of steel and blocks of wood, to finished knife, is done by me in my shop, by hand.  It takes dozens of hours to craft a knife - and the result is something that's a pleasure to own and use every day, with pride.

But it's not just that. When you look at one of my knives, right away you see the difference. And when you pick it up, you'll really feel the difference. But most of all, when you use it to slice through an onion or a ripe tomato - you'll wonder what on earth you've been using all these years. 

And why