Handcrafted Knives - For Serious Cooks

Built by hand - for your hand.


You take cooking seriously. So do I. 

Each blade is meticulously built from scratch, by hand, from fine high-carbon steel that I shape, precision heat treat, and refine in a multi-step, multi-day process. You've never cut with a blade like this.

It looks as good as it cuts. (And vice versa.)


I use exotic woods from all over the world as well as native California redwood burl (my favorite), which I vacuum-stabilize and combine with brass, copper, traditional water buffalo horn, and other materials, to make a knife that's startlingly beautiful and functional. 

Get serious.


You've probably had that same block of knives forever (and they're not all that sharp, right?) Seriously - isn't it about time you had a knife you really love?

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